My passport 1tb power up but is not detected by any OS (even raw)

a couple of days ago, i connect the USB drive to a computer of my partner in the front usb port, nothing happened when I connected. i do some research and i realized that the IT guy has conected the usb front port pin´s   backwards!

back at my home i conect to the usb back ports and windows popup the announcement that says :  “USB device not recognized” (show in belows image)

i have tried to access by “disk management” tool buy i does not show up when i connect it :c

my GF passport has had a problem where the disk shows but dont open… but my disk does not even shows anywhere! :cry:

really would like to repair it but i priorize the info it contains over the disk itself. pls help me get my stuff :c

Im using a AMD desktop where WD passpot has always works till now

(sorry for my english) thanks for your help !

to be more spesific when i connect it to usb port ; the ligths go on-off a few times and when the popup shows the light holds On until disconect.




I replied to your post on the Spanish board.