My Passport 1TB P/N WDBACX0010BBK-01 is not working... please help

Dear WD community,

I have bought the WD My Passport exterenal USB drive 1TB about a year ago, it was working like a charm until today I hear a spinning sound for a moment followed by a little tickle and then it goes dead. The light on the HDD however blinks repeatedly. Plugging the drive doesnt show anything on the laptop but yes while plugging and removing the USB plug sound of windows does appear to happen. I am using Windows 7 . One more thing I rarely use my HDD and it is placed in a safe place, there is no way on earth that this HDD get excesive shock or anything like that to get that sort of a behaviour. Infact I hardly used it for 8-10 times. Please advice .

Check if the drive appears on disk management

try updating the firmware