My Passport 1Tb: I need to use the HD in another case

I have the My Passport Essential SE and I need to put the Hard Drive in another case. The USB port on this one is physically broken and is not working anymore and I don’t want to send it for a replacement. I just need the data right away.

I have another one of these that is having problems with the USB port also (the cable can’t be moved once it manages to mount on the PC). This one will get the same fate if I can take the hard drives out.

Another problem I have with these cases is that normally I have to restart the PC or MAC in order to unplugged them.

Before I go and try to open the case, can I use the hard drive with another case (not necessarily from WD)? Is the USB port soldered to the drive?

Is there a tutorial on how to open these cases?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Somebody, please? I need to know for sure what should I do with the drive. I need the data inside.

Are these forums checked by WD people, or this is just user to user help?

I don’t know what to do, I have two of these drives and both are suffering from the same problem, the USB port doesn’t work if you touch the cable or even with a little air!

Can I use the internal drive in another case?

Please, someone help me!!!

If your problem is the USB cable not maintaining a good connection, you can contact WD via their website and request an updated USB cable.  I have personally done this, as has countless others who own these drives.  In my case, WD shipped me a newer cable in two days absolutely free of charge.  The updated cable will work properly for you, as its connector is built better and snaps into the drive’s USB port with authority.  Be sure to include the exact make/model of your drive.  Good luck and take care…



I just received an email confirming that WD will ship two cables for my drive (fast service I sent the support ticket yesterday). I just hope the problem is with the cables and not the actual USB port.

By the way, the idea to make the drives smaller by soldering the USB port to the drive is not that good. I rather have an inch more and still have access to the drive in case of problems like this.

I will report back when I receive the cables.


how can i order another USB cable ha???

Read post 4 in this thread.


im new here where is that hah??

hey how can i request another working USB cable for free??


Just look in the lower left hand corner and scroll back up the page.