My Passport 1TB help!

My passport WD has crashed I am running windows 7 32bit OS. I can insert the USB into the computer and see the drive. The error message states G: needs formatting before it can be used. I am unable to format because the drive is RAW and don’t want to use WD Formatting because I would like to be able to recover the data. Running CHKDSK g: /f from the administrator elevated level isn’t an option either due to the drive being RAW. 


Is there anyone that knows a method I can use to acces the hard dive from my current PC or a formatting tool that wont wipe it to the point of no return for the current data. I am currently in Africa so taking it to a accredited location isn’t happening. 

try this utility

Drive will not show up under EasyUS Data Recovery…I will try a Linux OS tomorrow and see if I can get some results.