My passport 1TB formats and connectivity

hi i have a 1tb WD my passport portable Hard drive,

i got it to store and take with me all my movies, music videos tv series etc mostly dowloaded content.

its the first one ive owned so i wasnt all that clued up, i assumed it would be as simple as drag and drop stuff into the hard drive.

i then plugged it into my series 5 samsung tv, my panasonic blu ray player and i even tryed my acer tablet, my tv and blue ray player recognise that theres is a hard drive connected in the USB but the content either doesnt even show up or just wont play.

any advice would be much appreciated as im wondering whats the point in having this if i cant play it on my tv without going through the laptop aswell.


I’m pretty sure that you will not see any reference on this drives box been compatible with a TV 

Now leaving that aside, you must likely will need to format the drive to work with your TV

Must TV’s required FAT32 , if you have a Mac you can formatted but on windows you will need a formatting tool 

to format on fat32