My Passport 1TB Firewire 800 Power Issues

I recently bought a 1TB My Passport external hard drive that I’m running with Windows XP and it is Firewire 800 compatible.  I was able to get it up and running using the USB interface on the laptop - worked great.  Problem arrived when I bought a Firewire 400 interface card for the laptop so that I could run another recent purchase that works off Firewire 400.  I bought an adaptor cable to connect the hard drive to the Firewire 400 interface card (9 pin to 6 pin) because it was my understanding that the “power pins” were the same.  Although the hard drive works well with USB, it will not power when connected to the Firewire 400 interface card and the computer does not recognize it.  I need the Firewire interface as USB is too slow for ProTools transfer of music files.

Any thoughts out there?

USB is faster than firewire 400

OK, appreciate the feedback.  However, this doesn’t solve the problem in terms of my needs. I need to get the Firewire port communicating with my other device.

Not sure if that adapter is going to work

you might wanna get a firewire drive