I got 1TB my passport external HDD on 12/12/2010 and it was working fine till may 2011, i filled around 500GB. After that i got into seriour of problems. first it starts with “drive not found you hardware might not work properly”. i connected internet and updated drive as well as firmware of HDD. Now drive is perfectly installing and automatically plays for unlock. I am able to unlock but the storage drive is not shown in "my computer " . In device manager i am able to see storage drive in disk drives but if i click disk management it hangs. and some times storage drive is displaying as 0 bytes. i dont  no what problem and how it it arised. please someone suggest me a solution . i am thinking bad if i see the WD reviews.:mansad::mansad::mansad:

i would try to run the  DLG to see if the hdd has some error that can be recover, also use something call powerbooster cable to see if its some kind of power issue

after scanning it is pass for my pc drive but hour glass appears for wd HDD

one morething rightnow i tried by connecting wd HDD to dell vastro lap top and rebooted laptop and then entered to bios settings by pressing F2 and pressed F9 in bios for default settings and saved and rebooted laptop. now wd hdd is also connected and rebooting process started but laptop is not entering inside instead while windows screen appears it gets blue screen error i tried many time with and without wd HDD i think now my laptop is dead. please help me.