My Passport 1TB external having a problem with files being not readable

So I have a 1TB My Passport drive that I have hooked up to my laptop for picture processing of RAW files or .CR2 files.  In the past I’ve backed up these files as a precautionary measure to another hard drive, no problems.  About a month ago when I was using my passport with my computer I had a problem where it said I had to reformat my My Passport.  So I did.  It worked fine on my computer until last night when I tried to copy the files from the My Passport to that other drive I use as backup.  The other drive would not let me copy the files because the “files where not readable”.  Anyone have any idea what is going on here?  Are my files corrupt on both my computer and harddrive?  I have no problems with the hard drive copying and using the files when it is connected to my laptop the problem is when I try to copy to that other harddrive that I have the problem.  I’ve tried doing some research on possibly reformatting the harddrive again but am running up against a wall.  I’ve tried running the FAT32 on my computer but it won’t let me.  I’m lost, someone please help me :slight_smile:

OK, if you have a corrupt file in your backup it could be transfer to the other drive and become corrupted again…Or you can be dealing with a Virus that corrupts your file system. Try to run the WD DLG tool and also an antivirus.