My Passport 1TB Drive - Restore a Backup

Laptop died, now fixed. Go to do a Restore a backup and get a message of: “There are no files to restore. You have not scheduled a backup plan”. I can see the files on the drive so I know they are there. The way the msg reads do I have to create a scheduled back up plan first to get the current existing files to restore before the scheduled plan runs? Thanks!

@Daniel_G, I have the very same issue. I backed up all my files after being warned that the laptop might be wiped when in for repair, even for a battery problem.
I can see the files clicking on My Passport but they do not open, nor does the back up I did show up in the restore function. I have sent a couple emails to WD but no response.
Have you managed to restore your files yet?

Have not restored as of yet. Will be calling their support number(s) tomorrow.

I think I cracked it.
I uninstalled all the software from the laptop and downloaded just the backup driver from the WD website.
When I opened it, and selected reload, it said I had backed up from multiple locations (assuming that the laptop was given a new ID following repair), I selected the older Computet number and lo and behold, there were all the previous back ups.
My initial back up lasted all night and was split into several separate backups, I’m in the process of reloading them. This will probably take as long as the back up did.
Try this and see how you get on.