My Passport 1TB does not work with legacy USB2 plug

My Passport 1TB works fine with a new Windows 10 Desktop computer but fails when its plugged to an USB2 port of a legacy computer. The computer in question has been migrated from windows 8 to Windows 10 some month ago.
When the Disc is plugged in it shows up in Windows disc management console. The console asks for an initialization of disc but fails because of hardware error. On driver level there is an events stating that migration of disc has failed.

I already employ the latest chipset and disc drivers. Any idea how to make “My Passport” work properly in the legacy environment?

Is any of the drive working on the legacy computer?

there are some drives working on the legacy Computers. They are equipped with power supply of there own. Most probably the power requirements of the WD Disc are not met by the legacy USB2 port.