My Passport 1TB - do I have to use all these apps?

Hi, I am new here.

I usually just use external hard drives as “dumb storage” with no partitions, just a good folder system, I use copy/paste for uploading and downloading.

So if I don’t want to use the preloaded software, can I just format the drive to get rid of it all?


What model passport? I ask because the answer is different depending on when the drive was made.

Thanks - cannot find a model no. on box or drive, S/N is [Deleted]. Surprised I cannot find a model no.and there is not one at the start of the PDF manual either?

I see that the apps do not occupy a lot of space so maybe I can just copy/paste my folders in without disturbing the apps, I guess I might want to set up one or more of the apps later, is that possible?

Or would it be neater to create a small apps partition and have the rest as one big open field for my data?

Sorry for my daft questions, I know next-to-nothing about all this, But I guess I can learn a little, I see that the manual looks very good and thorough, but I don’t have much time to get into it.

Thanks, I appreciate your help.

PS I cannot see a log off button?

Based on the serial you provided (I remove it from your post for your security) your model number is WDBYNN0010BBK - this should have been listed next to the serial number on the label (We’ve never made a drive that doesn’t include them together)

This is the newer generation Passport and comes with WD Backup.

As long as you don’t lock the drive first you should be able to use this as a “dumb drive” - All of the software that comes on the drive is available to be re-downloaded from the link above.

You couldn’t find a log out button for what?

That number is on the label designated as P/N, which I took to be Part Number, because model numbers are usually a bit more user-friendly than serial numbers, like “Ford Focus 1.6i”.

Couldn’t find the log out button for logging out of the Forum.

Thanks Scott, I’ll have to decide whether to delete the apps or just leave them.

I appreciate your help.

You can log out of the forum by clicking on your user icon (for you it’s a big green “M” right now) and selecting Log Out on the menu.

hello i am new to this external drive s well today is my first day using it or at least trying to I purchased it to be able to store movies i have down loaded I know how to get the move file to the external drive but my question is … is there a way for me to catagorize my movie files i just moved one over to that drive and it shows but it in with the items that came on my external drive all i have done so far is plug it in and registered it.I have a my passport 1 tb 3.0model # WDBYNN00010BBK-0B