My Passport 1TB asking me to reformat


I accidentally dropped My Passport 1TB, while running. At first I would get nothing on any computer, including XP and 7, now it only appears on 7 but it shows as if it was new, showing no data nor the WD logo.

I realize it was my fault and won’t buy any other brand, since I own about 7 different models of WD external drives for all my files.

When it appears it is asking me to REFORMAT, but in all honesty the files inside this particular drive are unique and essential for my work. I know if I reformat it chances are it will restore back to normal, but I understand it will wipe out all my precious material.

In the past something similar happened and I managed to bring it back to life, however I don’t recall where I read these instructions, I do recall going to prompt C.  Any help?  I’m a starving artist and can’t afford the professional recovery charges.

If you are getting the reformat message there is a good chance that you can recover the files with a data recover program. Try using test disk.