My passport 1T external hard drive isn't recognized at all


I’ve bought my 1T WD, My passport hard drive 1moth ago, but last night while i connected to my laptop and wanted to type my password for accesing it, suddenly it felt down but Not on the ground, just its USB cable streched! then the password message disappeared and after that when again i plugged it in/out some times, it won’t recognized by my laptop at all! not even the password message appears for God’s sake! nothing, just the light on the hard drive will be on, NOT flashing! i’ve tested it on my brothr’s laptop, too. NOTHING happens…no message, no error, no password msg…just its light turns on…

plzzz help me…i don’t wanna lose my data on it…what’s the problem?what should i do?


Let’s go through a few troubleshooting steps. 

  • Replace the USB cable

  • Test your drive using a different computer.

Please let us know the results.

same thing is happening to my 1tb drive except that it didn’t fall… I checked the wire on my phone(same port)  and it was working but the light on the passport essential only lights up and won’t blink, the drive doesn’t show up anywhere on the computer…my computer,disk management,smartware… u name it i’ve checked it

what am i supposed to do ?.. and I live in india where WD merchandise(cable) isn’t easily available!!!

then how is it the same thing.  the op broke his passport when it fell.  how did you break yours?  what is it that happened then? have you tried it on another computer?  what os are your using on the computer?

if you can find a standard usb cable, like the one you have, that’s not more than 18 inches in length, you can use it.  the cable is not proprietary.  then you can see if it is the cable that is broken.  otherwise, you are probably looking at data recovery.