My Passport 1 TB portable - Autorun keeps popping up, You need to format disk keeps popping up

Got some strange behaviour on my new 1TB My Passport. I’m on Windows 7

About every 30 seconds, the Autorun dialog pops up. I had to turn off autorun entirely to make it stop. I have not had this problem with other portable drives and don’t like having to disable Autorunn

I also get every few minutes the Windows message “You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can ust it. Do you want to format it?” This is completely erroneous as I can open the drive and see the files on it, but I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Any suggestions?

Is it spinning down, which Windows might interepret as a disconnect/reconnect and so pop up Autorun?  Do you notice a delay when you look at it with Explorer?  I know some models have a pretty low default timeout.

I haven’t noticed any spinning down or delay in accessing it.


Thanks Rseiler

You might be onto something -  I left Windows Explorer up and watched my D: disappear then re-appear, so it does seem to be disconnecting. Right now none of the Smartware apps aren’t able to do anything because the drive keeps disconnecting.

Sent a message to support, but I suspect I will be returning this drive. Something is hideously wrong, and hours spent trying to trouble-shoot is not time well spent.

Thanks for your help