My Passport 1 TB Not Unloking

Let me first inform that My Passport 1 TB hasn’t been to any physical altercation (no physical accidents) and usb cable works fine with other my passport HDD.

My passport used to work fine on my dell xps 14z laptop. one day used it on my friend laptop which has two os installed(win 7 & win 8).
At first, unlocker startup prompted and I used my password and worked just fine for few minutes. but after some rtime, copying files didn’t progressed.

then I ejectecd usb cable and re-connected which showed usb device connected but didn’t prompt unlocker from virtual cd.

when I manually tried to open virtual cd for ulocking my passport, it said “Application Not Found” .when I tried to open cd’s files , it said “Opertion failed because of I/O error”.

When I tried to use in my laptop and another desktop same problem occurred.

then as i opened disk management startup, it said “You need to initialize this disk before logic can access” with MBR and GUID option .
Clicking MBR (for 1tb), it said “Request can’t be performed because of I/O error”.

I can’t even format or upgrade firmware (shows current firmware but fails to upgrade). Data Lifeguard Diagnostic  shows disk has 0MB.

Hello Lochan, as a troubleshooting step, try connecting the Passport to the back of the PC, avoid using any USB extension cables or USB hubs. If the problem continues, it  would appear that the Passport is faulty and needs to be replaced. Check the link below for more information. 

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty