My Passport 1 TB hit the floor, needs to be re-initialized/checked (win8.1)

Terrible tragedy. While performing a backup, I knocked my My Passport off the table, the USB became disconnected, it hit the floor. When I plugged it back in, was recognized as a device in the device manager (correctly identified as WD My Passport 0820 USB Device), but I don’t see a drive letter, and if I go to Disk Management I couldn’t see any partitions, but I can see the disk. So my questions are:

1)is there any chance that I can recover the partitions on this disk, without going through full blown data recovery services? It has backups of data that is all currently on my hard drive, so a laborious recovery process probably doesn’t make sense.
2)If not, what’s the recommended way to re-initialize/re-format the disk? I have found the article for low-level format (, is this it and which of the methods on this page I should use? Or should I use Disk Management instead?
2a)If I reformat the disk, what’s the recommended way to check it for physical damage so I know if it’s going to be reliable?

THANKS very much!

Sorry to hear that.

See if the following link helps with the instructions to initialize the drive.

Do a quick search online for a data recovery software to see if you can get the data. If the drive is detected by the computer, it might be possible to get the data with a software.

WD has a utility called WD DLG Tool that you can use to test the drive.

Link to app: