My Passport 0748 showing "unallocated"... no WD function files/folders

The title says it. A Win. 10 machine finds device, populates volume, shows all ‘unallocated’. A Linux machine through GPartEd (Gnome Partition Editor) sees the device and shows total ‘unallocated’, though the Linux OS does not see the device.

I spent some time both last night and tonight looking for “like problems” via searches and did not. I’d just mess with it, but I’m pretty famous for acting on ill founded assumptions. I believe I can build partitions and file system them sucessfully. I’m wondering if this external HDD (msdos) will work as is or if I need to re-populate it wth WD internal function files/folders.

If the later, where to find and how do I do it. Please note, if I was at all sharp with this kind of stuff, I would not need to ask for help.


You can format/partition the hard drive as needed; it will operate as a regular external hard drive.

You can download all the original files bundled with the hard drive from WD’s Support site. However, they are regular applications that install into and run from your computer (Not the WD My Passport drive) and as such are not needed for the hard drive to work.


Thank you for the help.

I’ve looked on the WD site for the software and don’t know enough to pick-out what I specifically need for a 4 year old, msdos, “My Passport 0748”.

Also… I don’t understand what kind(s) of facility having the applications you mention in the computer would help. And also do not understand what facility the folders/files no longer in the external HDD would do… beyond the point of the HDD being usable from a partition-with-file-system point of view.


You can partition your hard drive within Windows Disk Management.

Thank you.