My Passport 0740 Backup and Retrieve tabs are inactive after updating

Dir Sir/Mrs.

I have WD My Passport 0740 since sep 2011. Recently, I got a massage that there is an update to install. I downloaded the update (34.4 MB) and installed it according to the instructions, but after restarting the computer and running the WD SmartWare I found out that the Backup and Retrieve tabs are not “lighted” as well as Home, Settings, and Help tabs which means that they are inactive to my best knowledge.

I asked the store manager, and he said that it seems to be a setting/definition problem that should be launched to the manufacturer’s technical support.

What are your recommendations?

Thank you!


On the ‘Home’ tab, try selecting the icon that represents your connected backup drive. AFter doing that, alll the tabs should ‘light up’.

Thank you for your helpful answer, it really solve the problem.

I’m glad it helped. Don’t forget, click on my star to give me kudos points!