My Passport 071A 500gb // After loading in backtrack 5 linux KDE will not load in windows 7 64bit

I loaded my drive in BackTrack 5 Linux KDE and had copied a few pdf files over.  Afterwards I had loaded my win 7 partition on my internal HD and receive message to either format the drive or cancel it.  Will not recognize as passport.

I’ve not had this problem as I never had a problem going from BackTrack 4 RTS/5 KDE or Ubuntu 10 RTS to Windows 7 64bit.  I have alot of very important data on my portable with only about 15% of it backed up on my desktop and 10% on my laptop.  Is there anyway to get this to be recognized in windows again without reformatting it.

I think my BackTrack 5 is setup in FAT32 partition while the portable drive, Ubuntu and windows 7 are in NTFS but as I said I’ve never had a problem going back and forth with the drive.  I ran a test on it in Ubuntu and it says that it has passed assesment, noting that it has 3 bad sectors.  The partition type is HPFS/NTFS (0x07), Device is /dev/sdb1 (Currently testing on Ubuntu 10.10 RTS virtual machine.  In the VM’s add/remove removable devices section it reads it as WD My Passport 071A.

Linux isn’t a supported OS for these external; drives for desktops and laptops.