My parents filled their MyCloud to the brim - is it saveable? 12KB Free


My parents filled up their 6TB My Cloud. They managed to keep copying stuff to it even after it slowed to a crawl, and now it has 12KB free according to the web interface. If I try to view folders or delete something, it freezes and requires a reboot. I can log in via SSH and cd into folders, but rm [filename] -f freezes. I have left it for hours and nothing happens. Did they kill it by filling all available space? How can I get it un-stuck so that they can copy+paste some files off?


Well, the sure-fire guaranteed way to do it is to remove the drive from the enclosure and mount it on your PC (via USB dock or whatever), and use a Linux LIVE distro (you don’t have to install one – they can boot from CD or USB), make sure you mount the correct partition (the big one, of course) and delete away, then re-install the disk.

If you want to muck around in SSH more, as soon as you log in, try deleting everything in /var/log

rm -Rf /var/log/*

…which might give you enough time to start deleting other stuff without it freezing up on you.

You may need to kill the “atop” process to be able to delete those log files and prevent new ones from starting immediately…

Also kill wdmcserver and wdphotodbmerger for the same reasons (they create thumbnails and other cruft).

Don’t stop deleting until you get at least 5GB free (my opinion – no scientific bases for that number), then reboot and watch carefully to make sure internal processes don’t soak it all back up.

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That did the trick! Clearing the log files freed up 12MB, which gave me enough time to delete some other stuff. It’s responding again! I deleted a few video files and other things and now have 14GB free.

Thank you!