My new passport 4tb hard drive sound

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When drive is in use and performing any operations then you may hear a spinning sound which is normal but if there is any clicking sound or any weird sound then it can be a serious issue. Most of the times there are 4 probable causes for noise in a hard drive:

  1. The insufficient power supply is a very common cause of noise in the hard drive. It mostly happens when you have connected multiple devices (including the HDD) to a single port.
  2. Physical depreciation of the hard drive which results from either simple issues or damage such as a physical shock or trauma.
  3. A hard drive may be failed due to the faulty data cables, or incorrect drivers installed.
  4. A crashed hard drive.

Further, to avoid any data loss situation, it’s always suggested to keep multiple backups of your important data. Here, I suggest you to check out the below link that explains all the measures to check the health of any hard disk and also how to be more productive by scheduling your hard disk health check-up:

Hope it will help.

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I have a 4TB My Passport Ultra USB Portable + 2x 4TB WD Elements USB Portables + 6 x 2TB WD Elements USB Portables

And None of them make that sound.

Personally, if i bought one that made that sound … i would return it to wherever i bought it and exchange it or get a refund. The retail chain where i buy my WD Hard drives from has a 30 Day Return Policy.

It doesn’t sound normal to me.