My new My Passport for Mac 1TB fails to stay connected to my MacBook Air

Hello, I just bought a new My Passport for Mac an it is recognized by mi MacBook Air for a few seconds then it vanishes.

Hi, have you tried using a different USB cable? Have you tried changing the USB port? Do you have another Apple computer to test if the drive is recognized?

Hello Iluna, thanks for your response and advice. I have tried a different USB cable and different ports and still the same. Perhaps the disk is damaged.

Most likely is damaged, however you can contact support and see if they have any other suggestions, they can also replace the drive if its under warranty.

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Thanks a lot. I´ll contact support and see if they come up with anything. Yes, it is still under warranty so if support does not have a solution I´ll go and have it replaced.

@AUGUSTINESTRADA - With an issue like this, the problem is always in 1 of 3 places: Either there is an issue with the computer, the cable, or the drive.

You have ruled out the cable as the issue by trying with a different cable - that leaves the computer itself or the drive.

Before you return it under warranty I highly recommend you try it on a different computer. If the drive can be recognized by another machine, its likely the issue is with the computer (or the USB port on the computer) and replacing the drive will simply result in the same problem occurring with the replacement.

Hello Great_Scott, I’ve checked all options and the disk does not work.

I think I’ll take it to the store, along with my laptop and have a final check.

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