My new G-Drive USB-C 1 TB does not light up when plugged into Macbook 2011 Thunderbolt 2 to usb-c adapter

I really wanted to use this new drive to backup and move data to my new macbook but not using thunderbolt is making it take forever. This thunderbolt port is it low power? Ron


The port on the older Macbook is Thunderbolt only, it does not support Type-C USB even with an adapter.

Those adapters are meant for the other direction. You are meant to use them on the laptop not the device. Thunderbolt and USB are not compatible until the newest standard Thunderbolt 3 and USB type C 3.1. Older Thunderbolt won’t work with those adapters.

OK. I did use a thunderbolt 2 to Ethernet adapter successfully using a
USB-c to thunderblt adapter. I guess it is just powered devices that have


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