My New Brand WD MyBook Live Duo HDD is working loudly?

My New Brand WD MyBook Live Duo HDD is working loudly. When I copy files from my HDD to my computer or vice versa, sometimes hdd is making some kind of knocking sound(but not exactly head crash sound) and then it come back to normal and then it starts again…

I checked my files(CRC checks) and there is no problem with them, all are functioning. WD smartware says hdds are fine. HDDs are running at RAID0 mode.

Oh by the way, when the sounds starts once I copy some files, copy data rate reduce a bit(from 55-60 Mb to 30-35Mb).

You think it’s normal for this WD model or is there a problem with HDD heads?

Is the drive power adapter directly connected to a wall outlet?

HDD power adapter is connected to the cable which comes from my UPS.

Try to connect the power adapter directly to a wall outlet and check if there would be any change. Also try calling WD tech support to verify if there is something wrong with the drive, just to make sure.

I did but no difference there. I don’t know if this is a normal sound for this model. How can i find a video related this issue(when the device make data transfer, i want to hear the sounds coming from it). Issue bothers me, when the sound similar to head crash occurs, data rate reduce a bit, it’s like heads try to rearrange data dot.

By the way how can i demand WD tech support online. I want to show them how the device works(or they can listen it).

Thanks for your valuable help.

Call them w/ this number 1 (800) 275-4932.

I also checked on my friend who has the same drive, it’s no producing any noise at all when transferring files.

Thanks for your help. I will transfer all my data to another HDD and then ask for WD tech support.