My Never Ending Bad Experience

Below is my continued miserable experience with this device:

  1. Bought it thinking that the newest WD product would be its best (Mistake #1)
  2. Quickly discovered that it is not ONE place to store all your media - to make it useful on a home and external network, you need to store it in two places (Public and the other side)
  3. Found that there is no way to share folders between users, so I either save yet more copies of photos, etc in my users accounts - or use the workaround of creating one account that all share
  4. Finally give up waiting for simple improvements from the WD team and bought a Synology DS
  5. Decided to reset the device and sell it on Craigslist. Guess what - even the (^&%^&* Factory Reset does not work properly on this POS. My Public Folder is still intact, I cannot Log into WD Discovery anymore, and I can’t re-setup the device because it cannot be found on my network (even though I can browse the Public folder).

There ought to be some VPs and Product Managers at WD fired over this fiasco…

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I am ready too for sending device back. No answears from support staff-that is sick. At first I think to take HDD disk out from device an use it in next NAS device what I will buy, BUT there is some note:
WD My Clod Home is with HDD in the box and all together have 2 years warranty. If I will bought WD RED HDD separetely I will hawe 3 years warranty.

WD staff even dont answear to my questions about privacy - did they get to the data? Do they cache My clod data? Its not private cloud if its need internet connection… no no no. There is no log files, no activity logs…nothing.

Support even not answear how to clear device and delete from my account.

Take My words back - “Erase all data” function from My clod home panel works fine - all data is deleted and device dissappear from my profile.

I forgot to mention that I had to reinstall Windows on 2 of 5 computers in my home just to enable WD Discovery to install properly on those, and it took a 90 minute phone call with customer support, and a promise by them to phone back from a network specialist (that never came, by the way) for me to decide to try my own solution because every one of theirs did not work.

I am with you…not liking this NAS device either!

I bought WD storage facilities and they liked me, they worked.
But I can not adjust this miracle! There’s nothing here! It is useless if there is no internet.
I feel sorry for my money. I feel cheated :frowning: