My network-indication light does not light up!

Stupid subject…but I would like it to shine like the power light!!!

Ideas anyone?

no one with a brigth idea?! :smiley:

Not, 100% clear what you mean.

If you mean the lights on the front, there is no led at the front that has anything to do with the network,

theres just a power and usb light.

If you mean the light on the backside at the ethernet port, that should normally work, without doing anything special.

Iif not your device might be faulty.

But to be honest i never looked if the orange activity led there is working, on my device.

The green one is always on.

What network indication light?

hmm…so the icon next to the power indicator is a usb connection light?

thaugth it was a network connection indicator…

sorry guys!