My NetCentral N900 2TB issues\questions

Hello everyone,

Have had this router about a week now and I’ve noticed a couple things.

  1. My Macbook Pro cannot see the external drive i have attached. My PC seems to do it well and I have the AFP server enabled but my Mac only sees the public folder of the internal drive.  What am I doing wrong? tried to map the drive using both AFP:// and SMB:// network addresses…no joy.

  2. My office computer can’t seem to access the cloud via the web interface. Using IE7 i get the error “no sdk found” I have enabled both active scripting and java scripting in my browser. Chrome provides a different error Classnotfoundexception “com.wd.nas4g.mapdrive.mapdrive.class”

I think the 2nd issue means the JAR file isn’t on my computer. Where do I download the JAR file?

  1. My WD2GO app on my iphone does not show my external drive, only the internal. How do I access my external drive from the app?

I am running the Sept '12 1.05 firmware

Many thanks for your help!

try “smb://” since the router runs a form of unix/linux and IS case specific (also ensure you type everything else in exactly as it appears in router shared list).

As for your cloud access issue, I simply don’t use WD’s version of that and run cygwin tunneled to my home with VPN routed over it.  I would rather control my file security and users/access keys than let WD or any other company.