My Net WiFi Range Extender - want to assign a different channel

Just set up my Range Extender, and things seem to work well.

My firmware version, 1.02.01, is up-to-date.

The Range Extender web interface (Advanced Settings, Wireless, Wireless / Wireless Setup screen) reports - 

Network Mode   Mixed 802.11 b+g+n
Channel Width  20/40 MHz(Auto)
Channel             2.452 GHz - CH 9

I live in an urban area with many nearby WiFi signals.

How can I change the assigned channel from 9 to another channel?

The User Guide (page 21) says

  > When the extender is in extender mode, it obtains the values from the router

I *am* in extender mode, so the implication is that the master router’s channel is also used by the Range Extender. This is not exactly what I want , as in my apartment one end has a different set of external (neighbor’s) routers and channel assignments than the other. That is, the external interference varies by location.



The Extender will only extend the same channel coming from the router.