My Net N900C and My Book Essential 3TB Hard Drive

Hello WD Community,

Looking for a little help on a strange issue. Have a N900C router with 2TB of onboard storage and a WD My Book Essential 3TB hard drive plugged into the router and sharing 5TB of data across my home network. Everything was working great until I updated the firmware on the N900C from the Aug 2012 version to the Feb 2013 version (1.06.28). Now, whenever I plug in the My Essential 3TB drive, I get absolutely no internet connection. No wireless, no LAN… It won’t even identify the router using My Net View network diagnostic software. For now, I’m stuck with 2TB of shared space even though I used to have 5TB. What can I do to get my network back the way it was? Thank you in advance for your help!



Have you tried resetting the router? if yes, try performing a factory restore.

If I do a factory reset on the router, do I lose the 2TB of data I already have onboard? Thank you for your help!

Also, what do you mean by resetting the router (not talking about the factory reset)? If you mean, powering off for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in, yes I have tried that and it didn’t resolve the issue. After shutting it down and powering it back up, it still will not work after I attach the external 3TB hard drive.

Resetting to Factory settings will not erase the content of your internal harddrive. It just restores the settings of the router back to Factory settings.

Unfortunately, the factory reset did not resolve the issue. Everytime I attach the 3TB external hard drive via the USB port, the router stops working. Any other suggestions?

Well, I went out and bought another My Book Essential 3TB drive to see if I could replicate the problem. The new one attached without so much as a hitch. I know the other 3TB drive is working properly though because it connects easily to my PC when I plug it directly in. Word to the wise- I strongly encourage everyone to detach their external storage drive when performing a firmware update. Seems to be the only logical conclusion I can reach after trying all your sound advice. Thank you for your help, WD community!

I have a non central n900 and have updated firmware at least 20 times with a usb hdd attached with no problems. Not sure why a nas would be bothered… good job for getting it fixed, maybe rma the nas??? Or complain to wd about it? 3tb is not free and seeing how they are both wd products, might get one for free.