My Net n900

I just bought a My Net n900 router and have noticed that it does not recognize my USB hub to connect more than 2 drives to it.  Does the router support USB hubs?  If so, which types are acceptable.  I have 4 hard drives that I want to connect to the router to network and allow everyone to have access to the files on there, even connecting with a WD Live TV Hub.  Does anyone know if this is possible? 

Thanks in advance.

Jeffrey Salle

To best of my knowledge My Net N900 does not support USB based HUBs when using the USB ports (I have not tried it), Having said, There could be a possible solution - Your best bet would be to connect the USB hub to the rear of the WDTV Live Hub’s USB port and connect your four HDDs to the (Powered) USB hub and connect your WDTV Live Hub to your Router’s Ethernet port by wired Ethernet.

Enable “Network sharing” in WDTV Live hub and anyone connected to My Net N900 wired or wireless must see the SMB shares enabled on WDTV Live hub.  WDTV Live Hub will show as a SMB server.

Does the USB Hub have it’s own power supply and is it plugged in? The ports on the back of the router only support so much current, usually enough to power 1 USB powered drive.