My Net N900 - Wifi stops working - but wired LAN works fine - Wifi works again after power cycle

Wise men in the WD Router community,

My Net N900 router has the latest software update, i.e. 1.07.16

HW model is IC 4833A-F2F.

it is connected to a motorola SB6121 cable modem DOCSIS 3.0.

The router drops the wireless communication (only the 2.4Ghz channel is On, the 5Ghz is OFF), and the only way to restart wifi is to power the unit off and then on again. The Wifi signal strength is very good even though Wifi communication is not functioning on all wireless devices, ipad, iphone, droid phones, kindle tablet, etc.

Even though the wifi is not working, the internet via LAN cable is working just fine with the router.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Take care.

Hello ffilice, check if you have the latest firmware installed (1.07.16 ).

Product update for My Net N900

I already mentioned in the original post that the sofware installed is already the latest one i.s. 1.07.16

I look forwad to your suggestions.

I’ve started experiencing the same symptoms. My firmware level is 1.05.12.

Would appreciate advice if I should upgrade to 1.07.16 or not.  Seems that this later level doesn’t address this problem.