My Net N900 Wi-Fi not connecting to internet


I have a My Net N900 connected to the internet via a cable modem. The problem I am having is that any devices connected over the Wi-Fi will not connect to the internet. All devices connected to the LAN ports have no problems. I also have an additional wireless access point which works fine. I have tried switching off security and also tried the different permutations of the Network Mode.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly received.


The router is likely not broadcasting a wi-fi signal any more. These things can quit working. Do you see the wi-fi SSID from the router on any wireless device? If not, that is a clue that wi-fi went kaput.


Both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDs are visible to all wireless devices, are connectable and issue IP addresses.


OK, it appears you are connected to the home network but there is no internet signal. This can happen if your ISP is not sending an actual internet signal, but what you see as a connection is just the connection to the router’s carrier wi-fi but it has no internet in it. Try using some apps on mobile devices that need an internet connection. Your ISP could just be down for a while.

When this happens to us, wife turns off wi-fi of her phone and connects to our ISP;s website via cell data, and sees what outages are going on at the time. Often it is our internet signal from them!


That is how it appears but any devices connected to the LAN ports of the router can communicate with the internet just fine.


Well, I have a router that is failing that I need to replace, and I have a similar problem; the carrier is seen and detected, but sometimes the internet is not there on wireless (but is on wired) , so I reboot the router and it all works again for a few days. Turn off router and modem for an hour or so and let them cool down, then try again. You could have same problem I have with my Asus router; it’s just burning out…