My Net N900 VS Adapter NetGear WNA3100 and WNDA4100


I recently Bought an WD My Net N900, It was very very very dificult to get an good signal, but yesterday i got it, so with an Netgear WNA 3100 of 300Mbps i get full signal and speed but to that i have to put the router keeped away from TV receivers ate least 1 meter, so i think well tomorrow i put the WNDA 4100 450MBps working…

Well today is the day and nothing … I try and try and i cant get the WNDA4100 to work … I the **bleep** i bought this router if i still have to use aluminum hand made antenna to amplify the signal and even with that i can catch, at this moment i got 130MBps at 5 meters with the stupid aluminum antena???

Anyone can help me?

I run an diagnose program, the networks near me have channels: 11,6,1

Yesterday when i got the 300MBps on all divisons for i remenber i just turn ON the guest wireless…


What is the best Secure Method?

Best channel ?

for the times that i try to configure, only the 2.4 Ghz got better reception and is more stable

So i need Help ideas, explanations etc…


Have you tried using the 5Ghz frequency? Also check if you have the latest firmware version installed. You can also get the wifi range extender.