My Net N900 UPnP Does Not Work

Anyone get this feature to work?  I’m running latest firmware and have two application that should be able to take advantage of UPnP.  I’ve had to create the port-forward for both applications.  Not a big deal but was wondering if there’s a known issue or if I’m the only one experiencing this problem.



One of the only features that actually works.  It does work for me, did you turn it on?  What OS are you using?  I use Win 7

Mine works for Skype

Yes I turned it on.  Tried to turning off, reboot, on, reboot and still no worky.  BTW had to do that for port forwarding to work.

Only two apps that could use it are xbox live and transmission (linux).  Both fail.

You have to boot up the router, boot up your UPnP device and then run the UPnP settings.UPnP settings implemented before the device reboots aren’t remembered and you need to reinitate them. Other than that the UPnP feature seems to work as expected.