My Net N900 Issue

I have a WD element attached to the My Net N900 router. I can access it after mapping the netwrok drive on my windows XP and WIndows 7 machines.

After opening  and editing an openoffice document, I cannot save it back to the drive. It gives error something like there is not enough space, even though more than 80% of the drive is free. I can drag and drop openoffice files from machine to the drive though.

If I were to make a guess, I would say it has to do with the way My Net N900 software handles the file system.

Can anyone shed some light on whats going on and what is the work around.

Appreciate any help

Try using the “save as” option and then save to the Elements drive.

Sounds like some sort of permission issue.

No it wouldnt do a ‘save as’, but if i save the file somewhere by the same name else and drag it into the folder, it will replace that file.

I dont think it is a permissions issue. If I attach the drive directly to my computer it works fine. Once the drive is attached to a computer. I can access the file from another computer on the network. It is only when attaching to the router that it acts weird. When I click on a saved open office file to open it, it presents a window to pick a formats for the file, and when it opens it displays blank page, though file was not empty.

Further I can edit a text file without issue on the usb when attached to router.