My Net N900 Keeps Resetting Password to?

For whatever reason my admin password gets reset and I have no idea to what.  I’ve tried the default but nothing.  Guessing I should just leave that setting alone after this factory reset but wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem?  I’m running latest firmware.  This has happened twice.  Not sure what the catalyst was first time but this time was after our power went out.  Any ideas on what to do?  What to try?



After firmware upgrade do a factory reset via GUI, it will reboot afterwards.  After that turn router off, do a cold boot.  Then change password.  On my router it takes two attempts to set password.  Do not change user name and password at same time, only one then the other.  I would suggest a power cycle after to confirm setting.  I never use the restore settings feature after a firmware update do to possible storage registers being off due to memory map changing.

Default user = “admin”

default password = “Password” or “password”  I cannot remember