My Net N900 heat issues solved

I removed the top of the router of my My Net N900 (8 port, no hdd) and the metal covers inside and had installed heatsinks that I bought on Amazon. I used an adhesive thermal gel solution. I used 15x15x8mm aluminum heatsinks. The main chip really has room for a 20x20mm but 15mm fit perfectly and it doesn’t come in contact with the nearby resistor/capacitor (or whatever it is).

The fan, unfortunately, has never worked. It is a 12v 0.08A Adda brushless fan model number ad0412lb-g73. However, it might be possible to give the fan power from somewhere else on the PCB. That’s beyond my scope but for now the heatsinks took care of heat issues and the router is running flawlessly.

The fact is, this is an excellent router with only a few engineering mistakes. The engineers must have tested this unit in a beautifully air conditioned lab with a fan blowing on it. I hope they weren’t overpaid. Still, a good looking and quality piece of hardware by WD.


Thank you for sharing this. We appreciate your feedback.