My Net N900 dropping

I’ve read a few posts and I’m having the same problem as a lot of people.  I thought I’d add a few symptoms that I have’t seen others mention.  Maybe this will help figure out a solution.

I can get connected to the 5Ghz network ok.  Out of the blue, I realize I can’t access internet.  Even though sometimes my network icon shows I’m still connected.  Not only that, but I can’t access other computers on the LAN either. 

Here’s a symptom I noticed.  Normally while I am connected, the speed of the connection will vary between 140mbps to 215 mbps.  When I start having problems, it always seems to jump to 300mbps and signal strength stays solid at “excellent”, or at least that what the status shows in Windows.  I also use inSSIDer and it shows, instead of the normally variation in signal strength, a straight solid line, as if the signal does not vary at all.

I just installed this N900.  I was running a Belkin G Plus Mimo router and everything worked fine.

Any ideas?!?  This **bleep**.

Well, I completely uninstalled my 4695agn wireless card driver.  Then, I reinstalled to original driver, about four years old.  So far, I’m keeping a stable 2.4Ghz connection for about an hour.

After seeing some others’ problems, I’m only cautiously optimistic.  Will update tomorrow if I actually keep this connection.  Maybe, if I’m feeling daring, I’ll try the 5ghz connection.  When I actually get this working, I’m afraid to touch anything and screw it up.