My Net N900 Central Router Remote Access

I have just bought the router and connected it correctly to the modem and my computer. I have internet access and can see the attached drive in Windows Explorer. I have two problems.

Firstly, I cannot set-up Remote Access. I open the Dashboard as the Administrator.  When I click to to enable it from Advanced Settings/Remote Access - WD 2go Setup, I get a message ‘Error Unauthorized’. 

Secondly, I cannot access or modify the default folders from Explorer. I can see four folders (Music, Photo, Storage & Video). The sub folders are not set-up to my liking but I am unable to delete/modify them. I am also unable to save any data to the drive.

Make sure that you open the port 443 and 80 to allow the remote connection.

Check the link below

Also check to see if you have a firewall blocking your connection