My Net n900 Central, beginners help needed please

So I have just got my n900 central today. Connected it to my wirless router via the cable, went through setup for the 2 wirless bands, then added some media (videos and music to the storage).

Now the problem, I can access the storage on my Mac via WDQuick view (once i connect to one of the wirless bands) and browse the files. 

I can stream/play the movies on my Mac well.

The problem is with my Android mobile, iPad and PS3! even though i have installed and  configured wd2go on the ipad and mob I still can’t stream media. They stutter and cut horribly! 

Help please

At least you get a stutter… my iphone 4s wont play movies using wd2go at all

both the mob and the iPad takes forever then you see the movie starting, audio etc… then in less than 20 seconds it puffers again! 

I make sure that I am connected to one of the dual bands wifi streaming from the WD n900 central before I start the movie but still no luck.

Do they work for you on a laptop?

Yes they work fine for me on the laptop over wifi directly from the hard drive and remotely using wd2go on the laptop but they refuse to work on my iphone 4s UNLESS I email the link to myself then they play fine All movies im trying to access are under 2gb… Its glitchy

So you think that the problem is in the app? both on ios (your iPhone, my iPad) and on Android (my mobile)?

Can you explain to me what you mean by emailing the link? do you email it from the laptop or from the app? and do you play it throught the app then or the native player? 

I think the problem is with the app although I cant speak for the android version. When you try and open a movie in the app notice the box with the arrow in the upper right corner. If you click that it gives you the option to “email as link” Then you email the link to yourself. When you go to your email click the link and your movie begins to play in the native player. The movie plays fine that way… so I have to say its the app

Hi I went and test this now on both my iPad and the Android phone. With Android the link directs to a downloading file so this is no good. On the iPad it appeared like it will play the file but it brought a blank black page

Its really odd… I ripped a new dvd in the same format as the 2 that wont play (mpeg-4) and it plays fine…

The app is glitchy

i even tried songs and a sample video clip 34 MB and both breaks terribly