My Net N900 and DSL

I have a dsl connection with Centurylink, and I cannot get this router to connect to the internet. I have an Actiontec GT784WN I use in bridge mode. I am replacing an old linksys router with this one. I log into the router setup, change to PPPOE, input username and and password, and it reboots. But, it will not acknowledge a connection to the router and will not connect to the internet. I upgraded firmware to the latest, but didn’t help. Tried my old Westell modem, still would not connect. Removed and put my old linkys E 2500 back and it connects right up. Called WD tech support, but the guy on the other end didn’t have a clue what the problem could be. So, I have tried two different modems in bridge mode, and this router will not connect to the internet. I can put my old router back, connects right up. I am thinking this one is bad. Anyone have any ideas what I should check ?

not  sure  if  this  helps     un plug   your  dsl  router  tyr  again  this  worked  for  me  and  bridge    mode  un plug    as well both  plug  back  in