My Net N600 DLNA streaming


I have a N600 router on my network with a PC, Laptop, Blu-ray (DLNA support), Samsung TV (DLNA support) and 2 andoid phones. Only the laptop and phones are wireless connected. Also I have an external WD Passport HDD connected to router USB

I don’t know why I can’t stream my video files through DLNA (others than .avi) from my external HDD. I can see all the video files but can’t stream them.

Please help

Hello, do you get any error messages when trying to play the other files?

No, I just accessed the file, it appears to load and returns to files tree. (no warning, nothing).

There is no problem to stream those files when the same extern HDD is connected directly to TV USB.

There is a firmware bug or just I don’t have the right settings?

Hi again, you can try playing the .AVI files from the PC to see if the same problem happens, that way you can narrow down if the problem is happening because of the My Net or incompatibility from the TV side. Also check if you have the latest firmware update available (1.04.16). 

So, all my files work on my PC and laptop from the external HDD connected through the router USB port.

On my TV it’s another story.

I can play:

-some (not all) .avi files. For the ones that I can’t stream I receive the message “Not supported file format” or “Video codec not supported”

-all .mp4 files that I have

-.mp3 files

-.jpg files but 

-NO .mkv file. LOADING…LOADING and return to file view.

-NO .VOB files. I can’t se the files on my folder.

Also I want to highlight that all files work if I connect the HDD to the TV USB port.

I have the latest firmware installed.

So, can you help me to understand why I can stream from USB router but I can if I connected it to TV USB? Because I don’t understand.

The same extern HDD connected on my PC and shared through network, stream all files on my TV.

The router use the same CPU and RAM to have traffic through network when I’m streaming on my PC and when I’m streaming on TV. All the devices are connected wires (except the laptop).

Where I’m wrong?

Or the router have an issue?

Or it’s a firmware bug?

Thanks in advance that you try to help me :slight_smile:

Hi marighiz, please check your private messages. 

No one has gone through this?