My Net N600 appears to be dropping packets

I play an online game and I have been having problems with it hanging. It started about a short time ago. It looks like some packets were not being received by my computer. My cable modem has a place to plug in cables. I have moved the cable from my pc to the modem bypassing the router and I have not had the problem.
I have done some reading about TCP and it seems that TCP should work around this issue and the packets should be resent. In my case, I have let the pc set for up to 10 minutes hung and it never frees up.
Please help me determine what is wrong. Is there anything in the router that might indicate what is happening?

Are there any settings I should check?
Thank you,

Intel QX9650 (quad core 3.0 ghz)

8 gb memory

Router Firmware 1.04.16  (Latest available)

Did you try opening ports on the router to ensure it will let traffic pass from the servers of that game? It includes pre-sets for World of Warcraft so I guess you can add them for other games.

The game runs perfectly most of the time.  There is not a lot of network traffic involved with the game so opening a port would not really help, but I will try that.  There are times when I will leave the game up doing nothing, walk away to do something like lunch, come back 30 minutes later and it is hung.  There is usually not a lot of network traffic involved with the game,  I will bring up a resource monitor and watch it while the game is going and traffic is usually under 1 mbs of data downloading.  My network speed is usually 30+ mbs.  As I said in my original post, I moved my connection to directly to the cable modem and I do not have the problem.  I tried moving it back to the router and within 1 hour I was hung again.  If this doesn’t prove that there is something in the router, I don’t know what else will.  I have opened a trouble ticket 3 days ago but no answer from WD.  Are there any trace facilities built into the router?

Try disabling Fastrack QoS.  I would also suggest setting ‘DNS Proxy’ to Off in the light of your comments about the problem occuring after a certain amount of time to see if it makes any difference.  Also, review the links in the ‘New Solutions’ box on this web page relating to ‘connection’ issues to see if they may help.  

WD Networking devices forum

I have solved my problem.  Nothing I did seemed to fix the problem.  It worked fine and then suddenly stopped.  I bypassed the router and all worked fine.  I got no help trying to figure out what was wrong.  So I fixed it myself - I bought a Netgear router and replaced the WD one.  All works fine now.

What are you doing with the old n900?  Wanna get rid of it?

kudos on the “I fixed it comment”  these types of post keep me smiling.

I am not sure what I will do with the router.  It is an N600 - not N900.  If I sell it and it fails for someone else, they might come back at me.  I have seen some pages indicating that there are some 3rd party flashes for certain routers. 

From the reaction I have had with the router, I feel it is getting ready to die and not from software.  It worked great for a long time - maybe 2 years - before it failed.

What would you want it for?  Do you write code for routers?  DO you have some diagnostics that run against routers to detect problems?

I would use it for an ap, if it didnt work, I would make a cool youtube video of it being destroyed.  I am torn between a blender, a shotgun blast, or a microwave oven death.  At least we wd router users could get some good laughs.