My Net N600 5ghz stops routing, 2.4ghz & wired are fine

I have had this router for about a month. I have it configured with a different SSID for 2.4 and 5. Periodically when I am connected to 5ghz it stops me from accessing the internet. I can access the admin page at and 2.4 continues to work without any issues.

The only thing which brings 5ghz back is to power cycle or reboot the device from the admin web interface.

I have the latest firmware installed.

I have many devices on my network (roku, apple tv, iphones, ipad, macbooks, nest thermostat).

It is _possible_ that the problem occurs after I stream video for a while on my roku (which is on the 2.4) but I am not sure of this.

I don’t have the WMM options turned on and I have disabled the fasttrack qos stuff.

I need to know how to resolve this issue.


Hello sirgreendragon, welcome to the WD Community. Try to disable FasTrack and see if it helps. Check page 47 of the manual for more information.