My Net Central deleting the files

I have my net central with 1TB storage and facing a strange issue, some of my files are geting deleted automatically. I am running it on the latest firmware and also tried formatting the hard disk and factory reset, but still facing issue.

I am not able to pin point the issue but some folder are not able to keep the files, I copy my media there and it will remain there for a day or 2 and than it will be gone.

I am using mac to copy the files over to it as AFP server.




have you tried checking the capacity of the router’s hard drive once you copy the files?  Maybe the files are there but they are hidden.

I tried that, but it’s not there. I tried to show hidden files also but is no use.

Its happening to only few folder which was involved in mass delete, so looks like somehow catalog is messed up and not taking files in few folder…is there any way we can rebuild the whole catalog again…

Are you talking about them no longer being visible on media players, or not being on the disk at all?

I mean, if you eject the disk and then connect it to the PC, are the files gone then?

I am talking about not being on the disk. After a lot of test it is happening for specific folders. I copy the files and after some time they are gone. Its not present on the disk, can’t access them even from laptop. I copy them again and after some time its the same thing…