My Net 900 Router - cannot connect to the internet


I recently purchased this router and it’s very good. But about 2 days ago it just stopped connecting to the internet through my wireless N900 router. I am able to connect to the internet through the Ethernet cable directly and use the internet. But when the Ethernet cable is connected to the router it won’t connect to the internet on the wireless N900 router. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I have already tried the usual - turning off the router and refreshing, but it didn’t work.


I managed to get mine going by reducing the MTU in the internet setup tab to 1400.  seemed to work

I did put MTU on 1500. But I think the issue is the FasTrack Plus QoS. When I turn it on, my router blocks within one day. When I keep it turned off, the router is still running.

And stopped again after 2 days.