My Net 900 firewall IP range too large

Has anyone figured out a way to input a range (source and destination) that is larger than x.x.x.x./24?  I am trying to block range:

I find it hard to believe that a $140.00 router doesn’t have some way to block those IPs.  But who knows, I have been wrong before.


You should be able to do that under security, under the option for firewall, it will allow you to imput the range of  Ip that your connection will allow.

you have the option to create 32 rules.

Check the user manual on page 42 and 43

Thank you for the reply, but that is what I am concerned about.  I can not input that range.  when I try it gives an error stating ip addressing too large.  A lot of the sub $100.00 range dlinks and cisco-linksys gear accepts that range and I am hoping there is someother way to input it.  If I would have known the mynet 900 would not, I’m not sure I would have purchased it.  I am hoping perhaps a firmware update or something like that will allow a range greater than x.x.x.x/24.

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