My Net 750 has stopped outgoing Live Mail in recent days

Overnight on 4/15 my outgoing Live Mail could not be sent on the port 465 set for years now w/out a hitch (installed 8/2013). Today I bypassed the router and direct connected PC to modem… mail sent successfully. I am trying to figure out just how to determine the setting for port 465 and/or port 587 (have been told by ISP that could also be used; mail failed to send on this port too) and if for some reason these are now being blocked. Could it be a failing router?

Don’t think it is your router or ports causing issues. Likely is your mail server, it could be hosed some how. Sometimes i have issues with Yahoo Mail, or Comcast Mail servers being down, etc. Right now, my Comcast in Outlook is hosed, but it works on my tablets, so am not in a hurry to find problem in PC. Don’t go dinking with the router is my suggestion