My N900 router wont connect to my computer by Ethernet cable

I have my desktop connected to the Internet via an ethernet cable and my tablet and phone connected via wireless. We had a power failure, and when I went back, all are connecting via the wireless feature. I have high speed wired internet to the house and need to reconnect that way. I moved the ethernet cable while “self-troubleshooting” and don’t remember which slot it should be on the back of my N900 router. Any suggestions on what to do?

Where did you put your instructions? Nevermind, I will tell you what you need to do, as you must really need this very basic help. .

First of all, turn the router AND modem off; unplug them if necessary.

On the back of the router are 5 (or more) ethernet ports. other ports are numbered and one is likely yellow and says Internet above it. Put the incoming Internet signal/ethernet cable from modem into this port. Plug all other ethernet cables from devices that need to be wired into ANY of the numbered ports. They are all the same, so it does not matter which ones you use.

Now power up modem first and wait one minute. Next, power up router and wait a minute. All should be ready to use again.

Next power failure do not try to self-troubleshoot, even if the modem and router are powered up again, turn both off for a minute. Then, go through the power on steps above again.

If you want your computer to be connected via wired, then turn OFF the wireless connection of the computer and keep it off. Only turn it on if the computer is disconnected from wired ethernet and you want to use computer/laptop wirelessly. Remember to turn off wireless of computer if you reconnect to wired mode.