My Mynet n900 has never worked properly

My rounter has never worked correctly for the year I have owned it. I have never been able to get my xbox to run smoothly. It opperates on an extremely limited bandwidth and goes extremely slow, and constantly drops connection. When it disconnects it usually requires that I log out and back in to my xbox or reset my router. My NAT has never been anything but limited or strict. I just bought a xbox one for christmas and it is unplayable. The game I am trying to play (Destiny) requires a constant interconnection or it will log you out, so this router is making me rip my hair out.  Someone please give me a step by step guide on how to set this up to work properly. The router constantly drops connection with my tablets and phones and runs extremely slow. 


Have you tried setting up the xbox with a static ip?

What firmware are you running on the N900?

I have tried setting up a static IP that did not help. I used my 360 for a year with strict nat settings but my xbox one will not allow it. It was updated to the most recent when I bought it.  

I had trouble with the 360 where no matter what I did it would continue to freeze and crash my xbox in the same manner that occurs when it overheats. I just read that there are different ports for the xbox one then the 360 required to be open to run properly. I am going to try that now and keep my fingers crossed. Does anyone have any other tips for optimal settings for xbox? Thanks for your time!